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September, 2018. The Cybersecurity and Network Resilience Workstream has published the first edition of the IoT Reference Framework and Application Guide. The IoT Reference Framework provides a ‘common language’ to facilitate discussions amongst the IoT community; factual, vendor neutral information on end-to-end IoT building blocks; and assists organisations to clearly and simply document and articulate their IoT solution requirements. Congratulations to principal author; Nam Nguyen,for pulling this together.
July, 2018. The IoTAA Platforms and Interoperability Workstream has produced an IoT platform selection guide. The document has been formulated to provide concise and relevant guidance for private and government organisations to assist in the adoption of IoT technologies. It aims to create guidance that will provide a “running start” for buyers to select between platforms.
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E5 Start-up and Innovation Workstream Meeting #47 (November 2020 / Q2 meeting)

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